The House of Small Wonder. Berlin, Germany. This is an A+, not to be missed!

The House of Small Wonder. Berlin, Germany. This is an A+, not to be missed!

When in Berlin ...

This, as they say on their website, really sums up the whole experience, 'Because every day is not about the big wonders, It's about the small wonders that make things just a little more pleasant.'

House of Small Wonder got its start in 2010 when Motoko Watanabe and Shaul Margulies opened a space in Brooklyn, New York City. Berlin opened in 2014 and is located on the Johannisstrasse, just off the Friedrichstrasse, one of the main shopping streets.

I ate there in 2018 while visiting my daughter, Hanna. At that time, they only served lunch-brunch, but since 2019 have dinner, evening service. No reservations for lunch-brunch, but they do for the evening service. You check-in, wait downstairs and then climb a spiral staircase to the restaurant. Warm colors, plenty of wood, and lots of plants frame the space. It's more of a cafe in appearance versus a restaurant, but the food is fantastic, great portions and very reasonably priced. Tables vary from high tops with benches and stools to plain metal tables in varying sizes.

Food is Japanese influenced, comfort food with organic, local ingredients freshly prepared. All their bread is freshly baked during the day. Service is friendly, top-notch, and you don't have to be worried about time. Your table is yours for however long you want it, and despite the close quarters and relatively small environment, you can hear yourself talk, have a conversation.

Clientele ranges from students to business executives. Cocktails are available. House of Small Wonder has a great relaxed vibe, open, bright, and a perfect place to unwind and shut out the bustling crowds, the noise of Berlin.

A True delight, and should be on everyone's agenda when visiting Berlin. 

When in North Yorkshire, make your way to Masham, and stop by the Black Sheep Brewery.

When in North Yorkshire, make your way to Masham, and stop by the Black Sheep Brewery.

Black Sheep Bitter - 10.30.2020

This is a great beer for 'session' drinking and is the original beer in the Black Sheep range. It's brewed with whole flower English hops, and their website claims 'Goldings and Fuggle hops blend to create a beautiful aroma and flavor with kicks of grassy freshness and big peppery punch. The Maris Otter malt offers a light sweetness that balances against those big bitter characters'.

I've visited the brewery and tried many of their beers, always reverting to their Bitter. It's an Amber Gold color and has a relatively low alcohol by volume (ABV) of 3.8% compared to many brewers today. Great to accompany your Sunday lunch or with a sausage roll. Unfortunately, I have not seen sold here in the US, only their Black Sheep Ale, which I'm not a fan of. If you find yourself in North Yorkshire, Masham is a short drive off the A1 and a pleasant market town to spend a few hours.

The Black Sheep Brewery has a great restaurant serving all the favorite and known English dishes.

Most adult recreational soccer players play a match for social interaction and the drinking that follows. I know I did.

Regardless of your choice of poison, a beer at your local pub, or a cold one out of the cooler, replace those liquids!   

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